The Legend of the
Buckeye Surprise

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Very unique, hand-raised buckeyes from the Buckeye State.


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The Buckeye Surprise is a magical, bejeweled nut: brought forth from ancient Irish traditions, creative agricultural practices, and the boundless American work ethic.

Our Buckeye Surprise™ Brand of lucky buckeyes are very, very special.
Take a look at our line of Ohio-grown specialties and see if one might work
for you. Bringing a Buckeye Surprise into your life, or the life of a friend,
just might work wonders.

- Meaningful medallions are hand-affixed to the rare Buckeye Surprise nuts that fall from the trees sans jewels. Sans means "without" in case you didn't know that.

- The Birthstone Buckeye Surprise brings good luck to recipients when given as a birthday gift in the color of a birthstone.

- The two-gem Buckeye Surprise Sports and Games are especially lucky for fans and teams when the color of the gems coincide a team's colors. The Ohio Hold'Em Buckeye Surprise, with four red and black gems, has been used as a lucky charm for those who enjoy all types of card games.

- The Geode BuckeyeSurprise is a rare aberration with multiple gems on the inside, instead of the outside.

- For those who have trouble finding a sense of direction, those that suffer from wanderlust, or those who need to be found, we have adapted a Survival Buckeye Surprise, with sparkling signal gem and a compass.

- Zombie Buckeyes aren't very pretty but are interesting to look at anyway, and they bring that strange luck that people sometimes need.



Legal Disclaimer: Please note that this is the smallest print on the entire page and we really don't expect you to read it. In fact, we really hope you won't read it. Please, please, please, just go back and order some buckeyes now. 

You just have to force our hand, don't you? The story of the Buckeye Surprise is a mixture of fiction and history and loose change and is for entertainment or amusement purposes only. All names have been changed, except that of Brian Patrick Monaghan, to protect our profits. No promise of fortune or good luck can be guaranteed. But you knew that, right? Right???

Do not eat your Buckeye Surprise. Do not give it to any children, say, under that age of 18. Do not insert the Buckeye Surprise into any orifice, except a pocket or perhaps a columbarium.